Apolearn is a reference company in the field of educational technologies, dedicated to both education and continuing education professionals.

The company develops and markets an online learning platform, a social and collaborative Learning Management System (LMS), which is conducive to the application of all modern teaching techniques. Apolearn's core business is based on a dual approach: a strong R&D dimension dedicated to the most innovative pedagogical practices, and the design of a simple and ultra-intuitive experience for users (UX Design, Design thinking).

Apolearn relies on the expertise of its managers, Sami Labidi and Brice Gaillard, also founders of the company Beechannels, created in 2007, which has two major projects in the Ed Tech industry:

  • Beebac.com, the education social network that brings together 500,000 students and teachers around the world,
  • Viaeduc, the professional social network for the 800,000 teachers in France. Launched in 2012 as part of the e-education 2 call for projects, Viaeduc is the result of a public/private consortium including : Canopé (CNDP), Beechannels, les Argonautes, the Belin publishing house and the CNED.

It is the unique combination of this DNA and expertise, both pedagogical and technological, that gave birth to Apolearn, a social, collaborative, modern and ergonomic LMS.