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Apolearn, the LMS designed for training organizations

If you wish to set up online training courses in addition to face-to-face or 100% distance learning, Apolearn is an all-in-one tool to help you achieve your project.

We also offer quality support to our customers. We provide our clients with consultants and pedagogical engineers to help them define the main lines of their projects and to guide them.

Apolearn guarantees you a complete pedagogical solution but also quality support and this starts as soon as the platform is presented.

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"If you're looking for an easy-to-use platform that's more than just delivering online courses. But a platform that allows you to evaluate, connect and work with your learners at a distance. Then Apolearn is THE platform for you. »

Apolearn and Oreegami, training organizationYann GABAY, Co-founder of Oreegami

A platform perfectly adapted to companies and employees


An online platform that meets the needs of higher education institutions


Apolearn allows employees to be trained from their workstations.

Our aim is to provide employees with a platform where they can consult their training courses but also a space for exchange where they can ask questions, contact the trainer and communicate with each other.

Apolearn has two advantages over traditional e-learning solutions:

 - employees are no longer passive in front of the training courses they attend

 - the trainers can accompany them throughout the training course

We accompany you in your company

Apolearn provides features that allow trainers to :

to assign tasks to be carried out

to set up tests, quizzes, evaluations, ...

to create discussion and working groups

to have a collective storage space integrating all types of media

to have an automated management of their students with their ERPs.

For institutions of higher education

Apolearn a platform accessible to small budgets

Apolearn's goal is to provide you with a powerful tool while remaining usable by all trainers. No matter the level of your trainers, the handling of the platform remains instinctive.

Apolearn makes it easy to deliver quality training in a matter of minutes. You can also take advantage of all the features of our powerful teaching tool which allows you to integrate any type of files.

Plans adapted to freelance

"In a short time everyone can get to grips with the features of Apolearn and be able to put a course online. Even a person who is not particularly comfortable with computers can use it. »

LMS platform create online training courses, customer testimonialsJessica VOIEMENT, Training Manager, Acting

We support language schools in France and all over the world.


The LMS that puts the human being at the heart of training

Design captivating training courses for your learners. Make them interact, exchange with each other, answer their questions, create several working groups, etc.

Offer your learners a space for exchange and sharing so that they can learn as a group in a lively and dynamic workspace.

For language schools

"Apolearn was first used for face-to-face learning, but was gradually adopted outside the classroom, especially for sending group work. Since then, the rate of student participation in conversations has increased from 20% to 70%, and students exchange and help each other spontaneously on the platform. »

Perrick BriandPierrick BRIAND, Pedagogical Engineer, CCI of Nantes

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Apolearn is a secure platform to create and deliver your training courses.

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