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The right pedagogical solution for language learning

Launch training courses, work groups, discussion groups and involve your learners both in writing and orally.

We offer an easy-to-use e-learning platform to facilitate the work of your trainers and help your learners progress quickly in language learning.

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Designed exclusively for language learning

It is essential to be able to practise it to train and improve yourself to learn a language. Apolearn is aware of this issue and has designed a platform offering advanced interactions between learners and trainers.

Our platform makes it easy to make audio and video recordings with only headphones equipped with a microphone. Your learners will also be able to practice their writing skills on our platform.

The strength of Apolearn is that it allows learners to work on both their written and oral expression.

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Get more opportunities through e-learning

Apolearn learning path and training modules

Create new classes without the need to rent new rooms thanks to online training.

Reduce travel for your learners and trainers and benefit from an online follow-up for all your training courses and learners.

Language courses in secondary education are often overcrowded and not conducive to student participation.

Your language school will be able to reach a wider target group thanks to distance learning while offering the same quality of courses as those in person.

A tool for statistical monitoring of your learners in real time

A better follow-up of your learners will allow you to better accompany them in their language learning.

Apolearn supports your learners in their progress. Collect statistical data from your learners such as :

- the number of modules completed by each learner

- the time they spent on the platform...

- their evaluation results and much more

A new generation of e-learning
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How do language schools use Apolearn?

Apolearn online learning tool

The Alliance Française has been a partner of Apolearn for more than 3 years to give distance learning courses. In order to make its learners practice the French language, the Alliance Française sets up group discussions on Apolearn.

For example, the teacher asks the learners to tell about their favourite film. The learners record themselves orally and send the audio recording to the platform. The trainer and the other participants can intervene, react live and ask questions.

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