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The pedagogical solution adapted to higher education

Apolearn allows you to set up training courses in addition to face-to-face, blended learning or 100% distance learning.

Our educational solution has a wide range of features to set up online tutoring, assign assignments, assess your students and track their results. Apolearn is a complete e-learning platform to facilitate the work of your teachers and provide your students with the best tools for success.

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Open up to new opportunities

E-learning makes it possible to eliminate problems related to geographical or time constraints and to train a larger number of students.

Save money by reducing room and equipment rental costs. Set up distance learning to reach a wider audience.

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Promote exchanges between students and professors

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Create an engaging and lively online workspace for your learners.

Apolearn uses the codes of social networks, which encourages students to interact with each other or with their teacher. Your students will be able to ask questions to teachers or interact with their classmates with just a few clicks.

Improve pedagogy through e-learning

Apolearn is a pedagogical solution designed by education professionals to facilitate teaching and learning. Our LMS platform offers your teachers the possibility to integrate a wide variety of resource materials: Power Point, PDF, audio, video, etc.

Your teachers will also be able to set up evaluations at the end of each course module. Our LMS platform allows you to follow your students in real time in order to ensure efficient and quality support.

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Better follow up on your students

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Apolearn provides your teachers with a powerful statistical monitoring tool to help you better supervise your students.

Get data about the time your students spend online, the number of modules they have completed and their learner assessment results.

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