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The pedagogical solution to support work-study students

Apolearn offers you an LMS platform to create online courses and send them automatically to each new student.

Your students will have their courses at their disposal before starting their work-study program in a company. They will thus be able to familiarize themselves with theoretical skills even before they have attended classes at your school.

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Online training adapted to the rhythm of work-study students

Bring more flexibility to your organization with the Apolearn LMS. Because schedules vary from one shift to another, online training offers you the flexibility to adapt to individual schedules.

Set up blended learning courses: your teachers will distribute their course materials in advance to the students, who will be able to assimilate them before face-to-face training. During face-to-face training sessions, teachers will be able to answer students' questions and explain concepts they have not understood.

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An educational platform

Ensure a better follow-up of your students

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Apolearn provides you with a powerful statistical monitoring tool to enable you to better supervise your students.

View data on the number of modules each student has completed, their time spent online, and their assessment results. Use our statistical tracking tool to evaluate the effectiveness of your training programs.

Pedagogy, our main concern

Apolearn is a pedagogical solution created by professionals specialized in education. Our team has designed a powerful tool allowing you to integrate document resources in many formats (Power Point, PDF, audio or video files, etc.).

Give your teachers the opportunity to design their own learning paths and evaluate their students at the end of each module. Apolearn has made pedagogy its priority, which is why you provide your students with the best tools for success.

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Easily create dynamic courses

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Easy to use, our pedagogical solution allows teachers to quickly create online training courses and exchange with their students.

Our LMS platform has been designed to provide students with easy access to their courses and discussion groups. After taking a course, the student can ask questions in the discussion group, exchange with the teacher or other students.

Apolearn has an interface inspired by social networks, which allows more interaction between trainers and learners. Thanks to our many social features, get more engagement from your learners.

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