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An e-learning solution that is easy to use

Apolearn is the preferred partner of training organizations.

We offer a complete e-learning solution to design your own training catalogue.

Set up online tutoring and assessments, assign tasks and follow up with your learners. Get more engagement and foster peer learning with our social features.

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E-learning, a source of opportunities

For the same number of learners, you will be able to save a lot of money by reducing the cost of travel, room and equipment rental.

Reach a wider audience through e-learning. By setting up online training, you have the opportunity to reach a larger number of learners because of the flexibility of this method of training.

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Analyze and track your learners

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Apolearn's statistical tracking tool provides you with a wealth of data about your learners.

You will have the possibility to generate proof of attendance for your learners that you can send to the OPCOs (formerly OPCA).

In particular, you will be able to see the figures concerning the evolution of your learners, the completion rate of your training courses, the results of your learners and the time they have spent on the platform.

You will have the possibility to generate proof of attendance for your learners that you can send to the OPCOs (formerly OPCA).

Digitise your training courses easily

Face-to-face training in companies often requires mobilizing their employees for one or more days. Their implementation often creates organizational problems because during the training the employees can no longer manage their daily tasks.

With Apolearn, you can set up online training without disrupting your customers' organizational functioning. Offer blended learning or 100% distance learning courses, which will offer more flexibility from an organisational point of view.

A new pedagogical solution
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Facilitate exchanges with your learners

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Multiply the interaction between learners and trainers with Apolearn's e-learning solution allows you to. The interface of our LMS has been designed in the manner of social networks, which makes it even more attractive for platform users to react on the discussion threads.

Our pedagogical solution includes many other social features to promote exchanges between trainers and learners. Get commitment from your learners and facilitate peer learning.

Apolearn is also suitable for executive education and work-linked training.

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