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What is an LMS?

The term LMS, short for Learning Management System, refers to a learning management system. In other words, an LMS stands for an e-learning platform.

An LMS platform includes all the tools that allow a trainer to create his courses, communicate with his learners and monitor their evaluation results.

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"If you're looking for an easy-to-use platform that's more than just delivering online courses. But a platform that allows you to evaluate, connect and work with your learners at a distance. Then Apolearn is THE platform for you. »

Apolearn and Oreegami, training organizationYann GABAY, Co-founder of Oreegami
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Why choose an LMS platform?

LMS platforms are excellent pedagogical solutions because they have indispensable functionalities such as online tutoring, assignment of homework and creation of learning paths. They are equipped with statistical monitoring tools that make it possible to see the number of modules completed and the time spent by learners.

For more information, read our article entitled "Why use an LMS platform" or make an appointment with one of our advisors.

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"With Apolearn, I can exchange live with my learners, share documents of interest, evaluate their productions, prepare self-learning activities, but also create real moments of communication with them. They can now be in training from wherever they are".

Educational Coordinator Alliance Française in ColombiaLaurent BOUNIOT, Educational Coordinator, Alliance Française de Barranquilla (Colombia)

How to choose your LMS?

It is necessary to take your time to choose the LMS solution you are going to adopt. You should therefore choose your LMS according to the following criteria: functionalities, ease of use, customer support and implementation. In view of all these criteria, Apolearn is the ideal LMS whatever your needs are.

For more details, see our article explaining how to choose your LMS. You can get a demo by one of our experts by making an appointment.

Apolearn adapts to your needs
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"In a short time everyone can get to grips with the features of Apolearn and be able to put a course online. Even a person who is not particularly comfortable with computers can use it. »

LMS platform create online training courses, customer testimonialsJessica VOIEMENT, Training Manager, Acting

Apolearn is not an LMS like the others. It was developed with the help of trainers to meet a simple need:

To provide a quality tool, simple to use and accessible to all.

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"Apolearn was first used for face-to-face learning, but was gradually adopted outside the classroom, especially for sending group work. Since then, the rate of student participation in conversations has increased from 20% to 70%, and students exchange and help each other spontaneously on the platform. »

Perrick BriandPierrick BRIAND, Pedagogical Engineer, CCI of Nantes

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