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What is social learning?

Social learning is a mode of learning based on interactions between members of a group. This learning method complements e-learning because it allows to reintroduce the human aspect, exchanges and interactions in training courses.

To find out more, read our article on social learning or make an appointment with one of our experts.

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"If you're looking for an easy-to-use platform that's more than just delivering online courses. But a platform that allows you to evaluate, connect and work with your learners at a distance. Then Apolearn is THE platform for you. »

Apolearn and Oreegami, training organizationYann GABAY, Co-founder of Oreegami
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Apolearn and social learning

By opting for Apolearn, you are choosing a complete social learning solution. Our social learning platform has all the features you need to work collaboratively and engage your learners.

Apolearn is an E-learning, LMS and digital learning solution that is constantly evolving.

Apolearn adapts to your needs

"With Apolearn, I can exchange live with my learners, share documents of interest, evaluate their productions, prepare self-learning activities, but also create real moments of communication with them. They can now be in training from wherever they are".

Educational Coordinator Alliance Française in ColombiaLaurent BOUNIOT, Educational Coordinator, Alliance Française de Barranquilla (Colombia)

The benefits of social learning

Today, social learning is becoming increasingly popular within companies. This method of learning has many advantages from a pedagogical and organisational point of view.

Social learning allows you to get more engagement from learners, promote group work and improve your organization's productivity. To learn more, read our article on the benefits of social learning or make an appointment with our experts.

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"In a short time everyone can get to grips with the features of Apolearn and be able to put a course online. Even a person who is not particularly comfortable with computers can use it. »

LMS platform create online training courses, customer testimonialsJessica VOIEMENT, Training Manager, Acting
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How to implement social learning?

In order to implement social learning, it is necessary to respect certain good practices. To do this, there are many tools that you can use.

To find out more, read our article on how to implement social learning or ask one of our experts your questions.

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"Apolearn was first used for face-to-face learning, but was gradually adopted outside the classroom, especially for sending group work. Since then, the rate of student participation in conversations has increased from 20% to 70%, and students exchange and help each other spontaneously on the platform. »

Perrick BriandPierrick BRIAND, Pedagogical Engineer, CCI of Nantes

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