The benefits of social learning

Based on the use of sharing tools to exchange information on a specific subject, social learning is nowadays a learning method that is increasingly adopted by companies: EDF, Cételem, LCL, Adecco, the 3 Suisses, etc.

Social learning has many advantages from a pedagogical and organisational point of view. The Apolearn team explains them in detail in this thematic dossier.

Social learning leads to more commitment

Being based on the interactions between the members of the group, each individual is both a learner and a trainer in the learning process. Learners are active in the learning process, which is pedagogically beneficial. Indeed, an active learner will feel more motivated and retain information from the course much better than a passive learner.

Classical e-learning or face-to-face training isolates the learner, unlike social learning. This teaching method makes it possible to deal with a lack of motivation or the abandonment of training by putting the group of learners at the centre of the transmission of knowledge. The more interaction there is between the members of the group, the more motivated the learners will be.

Social learning encourages group work

Social learning is based on the feeling of belonging to the group. It allows learners to feel useful because this mode of learning values knowledge and information sharing. All learners have the opportunity to ask questions or contribute to the debate. Encouraging cooperation and information sharing promotes self-help and group emulation.

This pedagogical method thus strengthens the links between learners and develops group cohesion. There is an improvement in pedagogical and organizational efficiency thanks to collaborative work.

Social learning helps improve productivity

Studies have very often shown that collective work is more effective and efficient than individual work because of the synergy between group members. By promoting collaborative work and strengthening team cohesion, social learning contributes to increasing employee productivity.

Increasingly valued by companies, social learning also identifies the skills and people within their organization. It thus allows to quickly obtain feedback from employees at a lower cost.

Apolearn, the complete social learning solution

To implement social learning, it is essential to provide learners with all the collaborative tools they need to encourage them to exchange, communicate and share. Apolearn proves to be the digital learning platform best suited to your needs.

Our complete social learning solution has a wide range of social features to support collaborative work. With an interface inspired by social networks, Apolearn's LMS platform includes many collaborative tools that allow you to boost the engagement of your learners.

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