Apolearn's simple and ergonomic interface enhances your training courses
and facilitates its appropriation by your learners.

An elegant and intuitive LMS

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Promote exchanges between your learners and trainers
thanks to Apolearn's social and collaborative features

The human being at the heart of your training

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With Apolearn's integrated authoring tool, quickly create your training
modules with videos, graphics, quizzes and interactive documents.
More than 300 media formats are supported by Apolearn.

Create training modules in a few clicks

Apolearn learning path and training modules

Thanks to the progress statistics, follow the progress of your learners.
Identify their weak points and the concepts to be reviewed in the classroom or in the virtual classroom.
Apolearn also allows you to export these data.

Quickly identify your learners' difficulties

Detailed monitoring of learners on Apolearn

With Apolearn, your training courses are accessible anywhere and anytime,
on smartphone and tablet.

Accessible on all your screens

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Customize Apolearn to your colors.

Your LMS, Your colors

Apolearn is the easiest way to digitize your training.
All you have to do is a small step...

Get your projects off the ground with Apolearn

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