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The pedagogical solution designed for freelance trainers

Apolearn has designed a pedagogical platform exclusively dedicated to freelance trainers.

Create and distribute your training courses, assign tasks to be carried out, and evaluate your learners easily on our platform.

Adapted to any teaching method, our LMS allows you to set up blended learning or 100% distance learning courses.

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Improve pedagogy by using our e-learning platform

Apolearn is a pedagogical solution thought and designed by training professionals. We provide trainers with all the necessary tools to facilitate teaching and learning.

Integrate your course materials and other learning resources on our platform in various formats (Power Point, PDF, video or audio files, etc.). Create training modules that alternate texts, videos, images and quizzes for dynamic and engaging training for your learners.

Our E-learning solution
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A tool for facilitating your community of learners

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Apolearn provides independent trainers with all the tools they need to animate their community of learners.

Our e-learning platform offers many features to interact with your learners. Get more engagement from your learners and promote peer-to-peer learning.

An all-in-one platform to manage your training courses

Simplify the management of your training courses by centralizing all your course materials, all your exchanges with your learners and your agenda on a single platform.

By using Apolearn, you will no longer need to use several different messaging or storage areas since you will have everything at your disposal on a single platform.

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Apolearn an LMS platform that reinvents e-learning

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Trainers and learners have storage space on each training module. This storage space is based on the Google Drive principle. You can create folders and sub-folders where you can put your documents and you will have access rights to these files.

Apolearn is a digital learning platform that brings together all the tools that trainers need to create, share and exchange with learners.

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