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Social learning tools for tutoring and mentoring

Each course has its own private social network. You have interaction tools specific to your activity: announcements, discussions, tasks, events (face-to-face or online), file sharing. Tasks and events can be found in the training agenda.

Apolearn and social learning
Social learning tools for tutoring and mentoring

"If you're looking for an easy-to-use platform that's more than just delivering online courses. But a platform that allows you to evaluate, connect and work with your learners at a distance. Then Apolearn is THE platform for you. »

Apolearn and Oreegami, training organizationYann GABAY, Co-founder of Oreegami

Authoring tool & format interoperability

Authoring tool & format interoperability

Organize virtual classrooms and webinars

Organize virtual classrooms and webinars

Apolearn's authoring tool allows you to insert any kind of resources: more than 200 file formats are readable from the platform.

It also allows you to create your course directly, thanks to word processing functions and the creation of self-corrected exercises (multiple choice questions, Yes/No questionnaires, gap-filling texts, etc.).

Schedule virtual classroom and webinar sessions easily with Apolearn and Zoom.

The sessions are scheduled in the training agenda. Fully integrated with the platform, you and your students can then enter the virtual classroom without leaving the platform and avoid tedious back and forth between the platform and other software.

Our E-learning solution
A platform that brings together all your tools

Monitor your learners and quality of your trainings

Thanks to the Statistics, you can follow your students' performance on their attendance and the score obtained on self-corrected exercises.

After each module, learners leave their feedback on the module, allowing you to identify parts of the course that need improvement.

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Monitor your learners and quality of your trainings

"In a short time everyone can get to grips with the features of Apolearn and be able to put a course online. Even a person who is not particularly comfortable with computers can use it. »

LMS platform create online training courses, customer testimonialsJessica VOIEMENT, Training Manager, Acting

An open platform compatible with SCORM and Moodle

An open platform compatible with SCORM and Moodle

Do you have resources in SCORM 1.2, 2004 or Moodle (xml/mbz) format? They are compatible and playable on Apolearn.

Your training deployed in the blink of an eye

Your course sessions are infinitely replicable thanks to the templates function. Set it once, then create all your new sessions from this template with one click.

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Your platform, your colors

Adaptable to all devices

The "responsive" structure of the Apolearn platform makes it possible to adapt to all types of devices: computers, tablets and smartphones, thus responding to the new uses of contemporary learners.

Constantly evolving

And it's thanks to you! Your feedback is very important for the development of future Apolearn features.

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Your platform, your colors

"Apolearn was first used for face-to-face learning, but was gradually adopted outside the classroom, especially for sending group work. Since then, the rate of student participation in conversations has increased from 20% to 70%, and students exchange and help each other spontaneously on the platform. »

Perrick BriandPierrick BRIAND, Pedagogical Engineer, CCI of Nantes

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