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Putting people back at the heart of digital learning

In less than 10 years, Apolearn has become a leader in the LMS (Learning Management System) market, with a solution dedicated to training centers and higher education institutions.

quizzes and assessments

30% of

Collaborative documents

+2 million platform users

Import of over 300 formats

95% satisfaction rate

+200k training courses created with the platform


Our convictions for digital training

Training is all about people and their interactions

For us, the meeting with the trainer and learners, whether physical or digital, remains the best key to success.

This relationship is woven gradually, allowing energy to flow between the trainer and learners, but also within the community of learners.

Learning online doesn't mean learning alone

We believe that the learning experience is never a solitary exercise.

While some may go so far as to advocate the disappearance of the trainer, replaced by digital devices, we are absolutely certain of the opposite: the most sought-after and effective training courses will be based on human-to-human transmission.

Online training doesn't mean working alone...

Creating and updating high-quality training content is an essential part of a trainer's job, and one that can be lonely and energy-consuming.

We believe we need to facilitate this work and encourage the co-creation and sharing of content between trainers.

... And it's not just for digital natives!

We want digital learning to provide trainers with solutions, not additional challenges.
UX design work is central to making digital learning easy to learn and accessible to as many people as possible.

Based on these strong convictions, we have designed Apolearn to :

  • Supporting the transition to increasingly attractive digital and hybrid training courses
  • Promote the exchange, mutual support and co-creation of communities of trainers and learners
  • Facilitating the trainer's digital life


Two militant founders who have been training trainers for 15 years

Sami and Brice know a thing or two about education. Together, they have set up two major projects in the Ed Tech industry: Beebac.com, the social network for education, which brings together 500,000 pupils, students and teachers around the world, and Viaeduc, a professional social network for France's 800,000 teachers.

Brice Gaillard

Brice Gaillard

An engineer by training, with a dual technical and commercial background, he has always been keen to put his skills at the service of exchange and learning.

Sami Labidi

Sami Labidi

A graduate in UX design, Sami has also decided to devote his user experience-oriented vision to the digital transition of education. Sami knows how to take the necessary steps back to constantly improve the platform.

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Distance learning is all very well. But sometimes it's even better to get together for a meeting, a workshop or a coffee. Come and see us in our inspiring and atypical premises.

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Launch your digital training offer with Apolearn

Launch your digital training offer with Apolearn

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