Apolearn AI, Artificial Intelligence for your trainers

Thanks to Apolearn AI, Artificial Intelligence tools are finally available to all trainers.

Discover the AI-powered LMS

Create, design and run your training courses more easily thanks to the best artificial intelligence tools available

Apolearn AI is the Intelligent Assistant that makes the latest innovations in artificial intelligence available to all your trainers.

In just a few clicks, and without having to think about the right prompts, your trainers can create training paths, effortlessly generate transcripts, summaries, quizzes from a notion or from their multimedia files (PowerPoint, Videos, Audio, etc.).

Apolearn - Digital learning platform

1. Design modules and assessments in an instant

From a notion, plain text or multimedia content (PDF, PowerPoint, Videos, Audio, etc...), Apolearn AI lets you generate syllabuses, course content, exercises, summaries or extract important points to remember in an instant.

Apolearn AI is your teaching assistant to help you design your training courses.

2. Your content is effortlessly accessible to all

Apolearn AI makes your content accessible to all audiences:

Accessible to people with disabilities, thanks to automatic transcription of your videos, images and audios into text or texts into audio.

Accessible to all thanks to automatic translation of your texts and video subtitles.

Easily pilot and administer your training courses with Apolearn
Multi-site digital learning platform

3. Run your training courses with our assistant

Apolearn AI saves you time when running your training courses. Let Apolearn's Intelligent Assistant reformat your course notes after a virtual class or face-to-face session. Generate or adapt a case study in one click and ask the AI to pre-correct the learners' renderings.

Spend time with your learners and let our AI take care of the rest.

+1,000 training centers and higher education establishments have digitized their training with Apolearn

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